11 Time World UFC Champion Sledge Ponders The Meaning Of Life

Published on January 20th, 2011


By Sledge, 11 Time World UFC Champion/ MANosterone food critic/MANosterone Philosopher

Just because Sledge is the 11 time world UFC champion doesn’t mean Sledge can’t take a moment to ponder the meaning of life. To aid Sledge in his ponderings he has decided to stand in the traditional pondering pose, which is one leg up on a rock while staring into the heart of a flower.

Sledge knows there are many mysteries that even wrestling or Judo cannot solve. Dozens of the universe’s mysteries remain unsolved, and who is Sledge to solve them? Well, I’ll tell you.

He’s the 11 time World UFC Champion, that’s who.

So, what is life? Perhaps, or mayhaps even, the question should be asked this way: who is life?

No, you are right, that does not make sense.

So what is life? Is life more than just rubbing oils and salts on your rock hard body, getting into a cage, and going absolutely ape-shit on your opponent? Sledge doubts it very much, but perhaps, or even mayhaps, it is more.

You know, A wiser man than Sledge once said, “Hey Sledge, get out of the way! We’re trying to get to the restroom and you’re in the way!” And perhaps that is life. We must get out of the way of life, if we want life to be able to go to the bathroom. Sledge wonders. Have you ever noticed birds? Sledge has. Perhaps there is something to that.

Man all this thinking is hard.

Sledge is getting tired from all of these so-called ramifications. Sledge is going to go to bed for two days, then maybe when Sledge wakes up Sledge will know more. But probably, upon waking, Sledge will just be Sledge. Plain old 11 time World UFC Champion Sledge.

And maybe that is enough.


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