Special MANosterone Quiz: Is She “The One”?

Published on November 15th, 2010

Before putting a rock on that finger, you need to make sure your gal is “the one.” If you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with just one woman, you had better be sure that she’s the perfect match.

But how can you tell if she’s worth “taking the plunge” for?

Just answer a few questions MANosterone’s staff of psychologists came up with to see if you’ve finally found your dream girl!

1. When your mistress sleeps over, your fiance…
a) …makes you guys a fancy dinner, then retires quietly to the shed
b) …makes a snide comment about your mistress’ shoes before storming off to the shed
c) …suggests a three-way in the shed
d) …asks in a little girl voice why “daddy needs a new mommy?”

2. While performing oral on you, your gal pal…
a) …sometimes uses teeth (ouch!)
b) …makes a gagging sound even though your tiny ding dong could never cut off her airways
c) …spells out every vowel on your penis with her tongue, but only sometimes “y”
d) …keeps her fucking eyes shut

3. When meeting your parents for the first time, your number-one lady friend…
a) …says, “Pleased to meet you Mr. and Mrs. _______(your last name)”
b) …shows a just a hint of the dark part of her nipple to your dad
c) …completely exaggerates how many times a week she blows you
d) …helps your mom with the dishes (if you know what I mean ;))

4. While watching the big game on TV, your sweetie…
a) …cheers along and doesn’t ask stupid questions about the rules
b) …takes full credit for the loss by admitting she jinxed your team by trying to show you her red bra and see-thru panties
c) …agrees that the refs must be biased against your team, and offers to give every mean official some of her HPV
d)…agrees that Frank Caliendo is a stupid shit head

5. While at a dinner party with your favorite couple friends, your special lady…
a) …flirts with the other wives
b) …flirts with the other husbands
c) …does that thing from the movies where she rubs your crotch with her foot under the dinner table, although that doesn’t really look that enjoyable, and she’s probably accidentally doing it the guy next to you anyway
d) …vomits up the most fattening parts of the meal immediately (no fair waiting until the kidney starts the process of filtering the blood and removing waste!)

6. While watching the FOX pre-game show, your honey…
a) …agrees with Howie that now’s the time for the Cowboys to either put up or shut up
b) …thinks Jimmy Johnson is the “cute one”
c) …won’t s top talking about how much she wished she were at Jimmy Kimmel’s stupid football-watching party
d) …blows you while thinking of JB

Scoring: For each “a” answer, give your self 1 point, b two points, etc. If you scored between a 15-21, congratulations, you’re going to be stuck in a ridiculously stupid dying institution.





(images via zoomgirls.net, www.pointsincase.com,


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