How To Tell The Real Nigerian Princes From The Scams

Published on October 19th, 2010


.I get a lot requests from a lot of Nigerian princes in my email account. But I have an unusually discerning eye, and I could tell relatively quickly that some of them were scams. After replying to a few of the emails I started getting suspicious and went on Wikipedia and learned that Nigeria only has one prince! So obviously not all of these emails can be real. But how do you tell the real emails from the scams?

Scam emails from Nigerian princes tend to sound less royal than the real ones. If the email mentions him owning a crown, or a leopard, or being fanned by women wearing ruby bikinis, it is far more likely that this email is from the real prince of Nigeria.

If, however, the email mentions that the prince has fallen on “hard times,” or “tried to eat a rock because he ran out of food,” chances are it’s just a regular Nigerian.

Other indicators are less obvious. If the email mentions that the prince has a daughter that is going to school in America and that he needs your help cashing a check for her education it may or may not be the real prince. If he says he’s sending her to USC or Yale it’s probably the real prince, because those are good schools. If he says he’s sending her to “Cal State Northridge” or “DeVry,” or “Flava Flav’s How To Buy Real Estate Seminar At The Learning Annex on Wednesdays,” be wary.

Finally, be on the look out for the type of currency the Nigerian Prince is asking you to help him exchange. If he’s asking you to change his “Nigerian monies” into “American dollars” this is a sure indicator that you are talking to a real Nigerian prince, as he knows that American Dollars are the best currency there is. If he, however, asks you convert his money into whatever money the great American King Walt Disney is using, you are not dealing with a prince. A Nigerian prince would know that Walt Disney hasn’t been King of America since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 deposed him.  As is my understanding based on the American History article I read on 4chan.



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