7 Great Ideas To Get Out Of That Man-Date With A Dude In A Wheelchair

Published on October 15th, 2010

    New bro joining your team at work? Check.

    He likes sports? Double check.

    Likes the idea of bangin’ chicks? Triple check!

    Has full use of his legs? No? Oh fuck, now how do you get out of that man-date you guys just planned over email before actually meeting? Don’t worry, dude, because we got here some hot bro tips for easing out of that poorly planned engagement so you don’t look like a total dickwad.

    Here we go:

    1. Invite him to hike Runyon Canyon

    2. Tell him you’ll pick him up on your motorcycle

    3. Tell him to ditch that metal thingy he’s always dragging around so you can pick up some chicks

    4. Put a stick in the spokes

    5. Tell him the place you wanna hang out is right up these stairs.

    6. Just walk quickly away from him, his arms will tire eventually

    7. Tell him wheelchairs are gay, and hope he fixes the situation.


(images via www.fugly.comcraveimages.com)

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